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Shining Bay Programs

Life is Beautiful - a Fresh Start - 2015

Friday, July 29th at 7:00 p.m. till Sunday, July 31st at 3:00 p.m.

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This program is a chance to nurture and reconnect with your Self in a wild and beautiful garden by the Sea - an oasis when the well has run dry.

Given a chance to rest, reflect, play and nurture your body, the well can be filled.

  1. Yoga, breathing and guided meditation
  2. Guided self-inquiry and stress release techniques
  3. Sharing, journaling and creative play
  4. Walks in the beautiful fishing village, swimming and rowing
  5. Lovingly prepared organic food and special Sunday feast

With your perspective and confidence regained, priorities become clear and creative energy naturally bubbles to the surface.

A Fresh Start comes easily when balance and natural optimism are restored!

Course Fee: $350

Please register by July 15th if possible to avoid the course being full. We have limited enrollment because of the size of our facility so don’t miss out.

Led byJo-Anne Cusack and Divya Prabha

Memories of "Life is Beautiful, A Fresh Start"

Relaxing, life-affirming, confidence-building, thought-provoking, accepting, restorative. Wonderful food, great friendship, incredible location - beautiful, rustic. Will recommend the experience to others.

* * *

Just love Shining Bay, so peaceful and beautiful. The sounds of the ocean hitting the shore at night and the sound of the birds in early morning; the beautiful red sunrise over the trees and water. We had wonderful meals served (we would love to get the recipes.) Loved getting to know new friends, such an experience. Divya's wonderful voice and all her wisdom - she is amazing!

* * *

Shining Bay

To sit at Divya's feet to be guided by Jo-Anne's beautiful voice Is a privilege.

The heart expands, the body and spirit are nourished, the soul rejoices in the bounty of the healing power of such amazingly gifted women. Thank you.

* * *

All good things about this program. I love the experiece, the talking, listening chanting and beauty of everyone and the surroundings - unlimited earthly beauty - swimming, wading, rocks, gardens, wild flowers, berries, moon, stars, planets, thunder, lightening, birds and fresh vegetables.

Inside Shining Bay, the rooms are comfortable and warm with enough privacy. The kitchen is delightful and bright as are the meals and the main room is warm, cozy and full of spirit, love and learning.

All the experiences are beautiful to the soul - it brings out our creativity, our inner child and us!!! Thank you.

Jo-Anne and Divya are my saviours. Thank you with all my heart, many blessings and great love.

* * *

My experience in Shining Bay has been wonderful. This is an incredible place to experience yourself in a safe environment at a most beautiful location. The sharing with other people is always a blessing and you meet new, wonderful friends. The food is delicious and the beauty of the surroundings is calming to the mind and soothing to the soul.

I love Divya's teachings and I also love her. Jo-Anne is the best yoga teacher in 2,000 miles around. So what else can anyone wish for? Thank you for being here. Thank you Shining Bay.

* * *

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