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Divya Prabha

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Divya Prabha, founder and director of Shining Bay is a spiritual friend known for her caring, humour and compassion. Blessed with a powerful healing singing voice (, she has introduced the joy of Sanskrit chanting to many around the world. Following a spontaneous kundalini awakening at the age of 28, she began intensive study of Yoga and eastern wisdom.

In 1978, she received initiation from Swami Sri Kripalvananda and received Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Ashram. She established the first Yoga centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Upon the mahasamadhi of her guru, she lived and traveled several years with the late great guru and authority on traditional chanting Swami Haridhos Giri of Madras who was a major force in the resurgence of Kirtan in India.

Image of Divya performing in India

In 1986, she met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and assisted him in establishing the Art of Living Foundation in North America, Europe and India, training teachers, teaching courses and performing with Sri Sri at many major world venues, including the Los Angeles, San Jose and Houston Civic Centers, the World’s Fair in Hanover, Germany and at the Art of Living’s massive gathering of over a million souls in India.

In 1994, Divya Prabha and her husband, artist Michael Fernandes, established Shining Bay in peaceful Nova Scotia on the ocean where from ’94 to ’99, she trained yoga teachers and gave programs in joy of chanting. Currently, she offers two summer programs there and during the rest of the year spends her time travelling, composing, writing and supporting others on their spiritual journey.

Image of Jo-Anne Cusack Kripalu Yoga Instructore

Jo-Anne Cusack

Jo-Anne Cusack is a senior yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition and is also a Reiki Master. Her teaching style embraces all abilities and ages. She is committed to her own spiritual growth and that of her students. She loves to encourage people to step out of their habitual lives and expand their potential for creativity and contentment through connection to the Divine. She brings a spirit of gentleness and dedication to everything she does. It brings Jo-Anne great joy to return to Shining Bay each summer to be with Divya and Michael and all the shining souls who find their way to this very special place on planet Earth.

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